​The Grid Tied solar system is the simplest and most economical method to integrate clean solar energy into a homes energy needs. The system consists of solar panels that supply energy to an inverter where it is conditioned for compatibility with standard power. The energy can be supplied directly for EV charging or provided to the electric service panel for use throughout the home. A small 12 panel array can produce an average of 50 miles of EV range daily - displacing 2 gallons of gas in a conventional car that gets 25 mpg. The daytime solar energy is used directly and offsets the energy for overnight EV charging. In rare circumstances, when the solar energy produced exceeds the home power need it is sent to the nearest neighbor crediting and billing the parties at the speed of light. An investment in a solar system is maintained in the market value of the home.

Determining if this system is best for you depends on whether your local electric company treats customer owned solar systems fairly and equitably on a "net billing" basis. In the United States there are 240 privately-owned public electric utility monopolies (IOU) in major metropolitan areas, over 2000 municipal public electric utilities serving medium and small cites, nearly 950 consumer owned rural electric cooperatives, and 10 federal utilities - mostly dams. Many large IOU's throughout the US, like DTE Energy in Detroit, have developed punitive legislation that has been passed into law permitting them to economically disadvantage solar customers with unjustifiable fees and unfair pricing policies. If this is the case with your electric supplier, a Grid Zero system offers advantages and would be a far better choice.

​Solar Electric Vehicle - Grid Tied