​The photovoltaic solar cell is superior in every way to produce electric energy. The established electric system is based on an incurably inefficient generation, transmission, and distribution system that has become obsolete. Based on destructive resource extraction, the complicated and expensive central station power plants deliver only 25% of the energy in coal to the customer as electric energy. In contrast, abundant solar light energy is distributed equally everywhere and a simple and inexpensive solar panel converts it to electrical energy directly for use where it is needed or stored for later. Made primarily of silicon, the commercial solar panel has no moving parts for flawless reliability and the performance is guaranteed for 30 years with an even longer life expectancy of 50+ years. A solar system typical includes solar panels, mounting system, power conditioning/management, and may include energy storage and/or a redundant energy source. The solar panels may be mounted on roof of a home, garage, carport, pergola, gazebo, or over a patio and on the ground. An investment in a solar system is sure to yield big dividends.

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​Dramatic advancements in battery technology will displace the internal combustion engine(ICE) with an electric powertrain, transform automobile design, and change the traditional automobile business model. Like the steam electric system, the internal combustion engine is complicated, costly, and incurably inefficient, wasting more than 80% of the energy in gasoline. A simple compact electric motor displaces the engine, transmission, exhaust system, cooling system, fuel system, and the associated maintenance. In addition to cost of ownership equity, efficiency 4 times greater than an ICE, low center of mass, equal weight distribution, acceleration, handling, performance, regeneration, and smooth silent operation combine to provide a truly superior driving experience. The EV will bring improvements in automobile reliability, life expectancy, weight, aerodynamics, autonomous control, driver and passenger safety, convenience, and comfort.

​Combining solar energy and EV technology enhances the economic and environmental benefits of both. A solar panel simply converts light energy to electric energy without producing any waste heat or combustion gases. Each solar energy unit produced eliminates 4 energy units of coal required to produce the equivalent. An EV is more than 4 times as efficient as a gasoline car and produces zero combustion gases. A solar charged EV is truly a zero emissions vehicle. The combined solar and EV efficiency improves the economics by an order of magnitude. A solar investment will maintain its value over a lifetime and during the 30 year guarantee will produce nearly 10 times its cost in displaced gasoline.

​​Disruptive technology displaces established technology with innovative product or business solutions that create an entirely new industry or dramatically change an existing product/business model.